Friends: How to Be a Good One and Find a Good One

Some of the most meaningful relationships we will have in our life are friends. When we have a good friend or friend community, it's so helpful and hopeful. And if you don't have a friend or friend community, that can feel helpless and discouraging.

I've been thinking a lot about friends and friendships - and wanted to share some ideas that may be helpful. Along the way, I'll teach you how to draw a new friend > Wanda > as part of the process!

  1. Listening - being a good friend and having a good friend involves listening. The more you can feel secure, confident and safe within yourself > the more you can listen without having to change another person or feel the need to be someone different yourself.

2. Ease - the best friendships are natural and fit well. Often friendships develop from mutual interests or experiences. Mutual interests and experiences don't automatically create good friends, but they can!

3. Considerate - friends care about each other, but not in a codependent, tit-for-tat way. In a culture where we can get so distracted with all kinds of things, it's easy to forget the people we care about. To be a good friend and find a good friend, remember the value of mutual consideration and kindness.

4. Communication - being able to talk openly and not on "walk on eggshells" is so helpful in our relationships. This has to do with emotional maturity and confidence. Intimacy and connection thrives when we can be freely open with another and they can be freely open with us.