Return policy:  As a cottage industry, we cannot offer returns on any of your Wanda Petunia products. If you are not happy though, please write and Wanda will do what she can to turn your frown upside down.  All Wanda Petunia plush toys are hand and machine sewn with care.  They are unique and may have 'imperfections.'  This is part of the product mission - we are all unique.  Of course, we strive to make quality, durable plushies that will travel and last.  Amy's original Wanda is now like the Velveteen Rabbit ~ worn and loved!

Wanda Petunia plush toys are hand-sewn in the USA and Haiti and all aspects of this business focus on the importance of treating people well and building uplifted, positive relationships.


Shipping:  We will ship promptly and as environmentally consciously as possible.  If you have specific requests, please make a note to seller in the shop and Wanda will do her very best to fulfill your wish!


© 2018 by Krystle Baller

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