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Why Self-Love

In my personal life, and my work as a mental health therapist, I am often painfully aware of one thing:

How many good, caring, loving people are mean to themselves, harsh to themselves, doubt themselves, don't like themselves.

At a time when we are also increasingly aware of narcissism, many I know also worry that if they like themselves >> then they are self-centered or selfish. How many truly caring people have asked me if they are narcissists? Too many!

My short definition of narcissism is someone cares about ONLY themselves - even when they appear caring, it is just to serve them. While self-love is caring about yourself and ALSO about others. It's okay to trust yourself, care about yourself, consider yourself first.

Otherwise, you aren't being genuine.

If you really truly don't listen to yourself and follow your own guidance, then how can another person know you? They just know the front you are presenting. Some people won't care about this, as long as they're getting what they want from you.

But you want other people - the people who care about your needs and want you to do what's good for you. You want to have people in your life who value you (real, honest your and your truth.

If someone has been brought up in a lineage with strong examples of dominating and accommodating people, this can be a hard cycle to break. People with dominating personalities have something to gain from the accommodating people who don't trust themselves, who give in, who well... accommodate.

I could go on and on about self-love, but I won't. I'll just encourage you to consider how precious you are. There is no other you on this planet. No one else has walked your whole journey with you but you.

It's hard to convince someone of something they've never experienced. So if you haven't always been loved well, just know that you deserve to be. And, it can be hard to love yourself out of thin air.

That's why Wanda Petunia has been so important to me.

She came to me as an imaginary friend when I was already an adult - I'm a late bloomer 🤣 I was suffering and needed help. I truly loathed myself. I couldn't see a way to not feel this way.

Wanda's name came and then the first story. At the time, I had no idea how this "character" would change my life.

More divinely inspired stories continued to come, fun projects ensued and Wanda helped heal me in many ways. I learned new meaningful ideas I had never been exposed to before, like:

It's important to feel your painful feelings, then aspire to something more.

Heck, Wanda's friend Beefy Parisian Pig even helped get me to France.

I am truly grateful for my imaginary and real friends!!

If you're reading this, then you're in the World of Wanda too. Thank you!

And on this special day in our world ~

Madly in Love with Me Day ~

I will remind you that your purpose is:

to love yourself and appreciate yourself just because.

And when you do, everything else will be better ~ even when it's not.

XOX, Amy


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