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Visiting Wanda

Before we met, Wanda made a very long journey around the planet. She was trying to outrace the sun setting on her anger. She had been betrayed. By the time she ended up at my truffle shop at dusk, she was weary ~ exhausted.

When Wanda walked in the door all wilted and tired, I was lonely and grief-stricken from my life. We were two struggling souls. But even so, we immediately felt like friends and became friends and still are!

Good friends feel peaceful and like harmony is singing 🎶 in your heart ❤️.

From our friendship, Wanda learned:

She deserves to be treated well.

She actually can be treated well.

And, a friend in France is très bien!

After our fun adventures around Paris and the French 🇫🇷 countryside, Wanda invited me to visit her in les États Unis 🇺🇸!

We had a lot of fun, and I learned that Americans like pork about as much as the French do - Tellement triste (so sad)! Why would you eat pigs when you can have donuts instead!!??

Honesty, the pork stuff triggered me a bit and I felt emotional. But having a good friend who understood my feelings made it all manageable.

I learned that:

I don't have to feel alone.

I am not alone.

I can find a friend who truly cares.

A friend who truly cares changes everything for the better!

Here are a few reminders of our fun! We look forward to more adventures also! We always have room for more friends. So remember, you can join us on our adventures. And, please invite us to yours!

Our RSVP to you will say: Oui! Yes! 💌

Wanda and I went on a picnic🧺 and had so much fun. We read our favorite self-love poems!

Wanda loves kite flying.

I had never done this before, as kite 🪁 flying is more fun with a friend and I had not had a friend until Wanda.

But now, flying a kite is one of my very favorite things to do.

Until, the wind 💨 makes you lose your string!!

And, here we are on a calm lake 🛶 after our turbulent kite flying fun. Good friends can do all kinds of adventures together - and sometimes you talk, and sometimes you are quiet. Learning to have a friend and be a friend is one of the best things I've ever learned. 💞

As you can see, Wanda and I both love poems. Do you love poems? We both love to write and read poems of all kinds. Here's one we wrote together:

Roses are yellow,

Best friends are mellow,

Violets are blue,

I'm not blue with you,

Sugar is sweet,

I'm glad we did meet!!

Les roses sont jaunes,

Les meilleurs amis sont doux,

Les violettes sont bleues,

Je ne suis pas bleu avec toi,

Le sucre est sucré,

Je suis content que nous nous soyons recontrés!

We have more adventure stories so stay tuned!! Thank you for reading about our lives and friendship!! Au revoir, Beefy Parisian Pig


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