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My Job in the Truffle Shop #5

Working in the truffle shop was a big change from my country life. In the country, I missed my family more. I was sad they had been turned into Croque-Monsieurs. It hurt my heart to think they were gone just for someone's sandwich.

But at least on the farm, I felt closer to them - because we had once all lived there together (even briefly).

In the city, I was busier and had less time for thinking. But, I still often felt physical pains in my heart of missing my family and now my home.

In the shop, it took a lot of focus to keep up with all the truffles and all the people who came to buy them. My time was filled with activity. Truffles only last a few weeks, so I was often deciding which to keep and which would go on sale.

I am not good at knowing time. So, I can't remember when I had started working in the truffle shop. Each day ran into another. One rainy evening, I was going through the list of steps to close for the day.

"Jingle-jingle" - the bell on the door rang. Before I turned to look, I already could feel the change. It was as if a breath of fresh air swept through the door.

There stood the loveliest pig.

We seldom had a pig come by. It was very rare. I could tell she had been travelling. Her eyes were puffy, like she had been crying. Her clothes looked travel weary - with her wrinkled scarf and the wilted flower on her head. She looked très tired.

“Oui Oui Bonsoir,” I said.

And then she sighed and raised her eyes to look at me. Her face softened and she suddenly seemed lighter. Behind her, I saw the sun set through the window. The shop should have closed already, but I wanted to make time to help her.

And, I did. For the first time since the last time I saw my mother, I could feel a good feeling. It felt warm, and I was so grateful for it.

Later, I found out her name… Wanda Petunia. Sometimes you never know who will come into your life when you least expect it... and you need it the most. Now, she is my best friend!


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