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A New Series: Art Therapy

I'm not a great painter. It's okay. Someone I admire recently confirmed my painting skills aren't that great. Thankfully, I didn't take it to heart.

Here's why: Creating for me is more important than whether someone thinks I'm good at it.

I love helping others experience this liberation too - finding something you feel so passionate about that you will do it whether others like it or not.

I also love original art. Give me an original piece of art over a copy anyway! There's a vibrancy and energy I feel in original art - a comparison is how you can literally feel live music in your body vs listening to streaming music.

When I met my imaginary pig friend Wanda Petunia, she introduced me to the power of writing, drawing, and painting as ways to learn more positive things about myself and the world. Wanda helped me realize how much I love creating.

Creativity is natural to all of us. And yet, the programming we may have received as children and our own personalities can shut us down - sometimes even before we begin.

"I can't even draw a stick figure." "My painting looks bad." "I'm not an artist."

Whether someone else is criticizing us or we are criticizing ourselves, Wanda and I say, "Hogwash!"

My friend and art therapist Barrie Kaufman has encouraged me to create for fun... kind of like kindergarten or refrigerator art. It doesn't have to be perfect or permanent. It does need to be fun and freeing!

This child-like practice re-connected me with a joy of painting and also a way to convey the principles I share in therapy. It has inspired a new series I'm calling "Art Therapy." These unique paintings will (usually) feature Wanda and Beefy and remind you of ideas to help you find liberation too.

Stay tuned for Art Therapy art in the Wanda email Love Notes. Maybe a message/artwork will connect with you and you'll want to add original art to your office nook, studio space, bedside table... Or share with someone you care about who needs inspired!

Most importantly, remember creativity is healing... art is healing... making art is healing... so when you struggle with anything in life >> create! You can write, draw, and paint too :)

PS Each Art Therapy painting is essential oil-infused and comes with a hand-written encouraging note!


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