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The World of Wanda

Wanda Petunia is a pig who shares self-care and self-love adventures to inspire you. She has struggled with betrayal, loss, and life and offers what she has learned with you.  If you need to practice more self-care and learn how to love yourself more fully, add Wanda to your world. Would you like to invite her into your life?  Please say “Yes!!”


Wanda Petunia

Beefy Parisian Pig is Wanda’s dear friend who lives in France. He’s a truffle pig who missed the tragic fate of his family (who were all turned into croque-monsieurs) because he can expertly hunt for truffles.  Beefy experienced grief and loneliness ~ until he and Wanda became best friends. You are most welcome to join their world!


Beefy Parisian Pig

Amy Jane Williams, MA LPC LMHC is the lucky person who first met Wanda Petunia. While struggling with her own self-care and self-love issues, Wanda came into Amy’s imagination and life to help. Amy has her own therapy practice Amy Williams Wellness and is grateful to share Wanda Petunia Love!



My Story

Hi! I'm Wanda Petunia!  I am a pig, born in the imagination of Amy Jane Williams. Amy needed self-care and self-love, so I came to help her.  I shared adventure stories and all kinds of inspiration.

Now, we share these stories and lots of inspiration to many.  Would you like to join Wanda Land?  This is a special place, where everyone belongs ~ especially you!

Join my world and learn how to have better self-care, how to love yourself more, and then how to share that love with others!

The more you care for and love yourself, the more you help the planet.  There is only one you on the planet, and I want to help you be you!

I am a great friend to women, girls, mothers and daughters, grandmothers, and really everyone!

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