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Our French Adventures #6 Afterword

The sun was setting in France when I had the immense blessing of meeting a new friend.

Once I met Wanda, we both felt great relief. I decided to show her around Paris and the French countryside. The following paintings below are never before seen images of our new adventure story!

Recap: Wanda Petunia had been betrayed by her true love. But she didn't want to let the sun set on her anger. So, she travelled around the planet to outrace the sun.

I had travelled from the French countryside to Paris - saved from the fate of my family because I could find prize truffles. I was heartbroken, with grief in my bones, and very lonely.

When Wanda came into the truffle shop at dusk, I was closing up. But that moment was the one we long for in life, yet never know if - or when - it will happen. The experience we seek is meaningful connection - to be understood, to be heard, to be respected for who we are, and to feel inner peace in the presence of another > to discover a very best friend!

Wanda and I have been dear friends for years now > and we want you to know something important:

There is always room for someone new in our friendship circle. Maybe that new friend is you?

Here are our adventure memories:

During her time in Paris, Wanda and I met in the mornings for brunch!

A visit to France isn't complete without a trip to the photo booth. Here are our pictures together.

One day, we rode bicycles around the Arc de Triomphe! That was a whirlwind... if you've been there you know what I mean! This painting doesn't show us wearing helmets - but you must if you try this!

We often went shopping at a French market for vegetables and fruit - I love to cook!

At my home, I made Wanda many lovely vegan dinners! She loved it very much! Someday, maybe I will have a cookbook!

One evening, I invited Wanda to a park where we made a little fire and made s'mores! She and I both have sweet teeth!

After getting to know each other, I invited Wanda to a slumber party at my home! We counted sheep together! I don't suggest everyone go home with the first friend they meet in Paris, unless they meet me :)

Many mornings, we went to yoga together. This was her idea and not something I had done before. Downward Facing Hog was a new experience for me... I'll spare you those photos!

Eventually, we ventured into the French countryside for a walk in the woods. I loved showing her where I was from... and my tips for finding truffles - which is a secret you would only tell the most faithful of friends!

We have had many adventures since these days early in our friendship. But it's always special to remember our fun times and create more! Stay tuned next for photos of when I visited Wanda in the United States!

Funny Outtakes: I love the end of movies when they show you all the mess-ups that happened. Well, here's Amy's version of that. When she drew me in the first book "Love catches up with Wanda Petunia," Amy realized (too late) that she didn't color in my pants! They were supposed to be black. Am I just wearing a belt here?? Très embarrassing!

And, when Wanda arrived at dusk - I would not have said, "Oui, Oui Bonjour!" "Non!" I would have said "Bonsoir, Bienvenue!" > "Good evening! Welcome!" Alas! Now Amy knows :)


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