World of Wanda

Trust is important!

All Wanda Petunia offerings are created from Amy's background as a licensed therapist, combined with the creative energy of her imaginary friend, a pig named Wanda Petunia!

Effective emotional support for:

women healing childhood trauma

and support for girls.


Self-Care and Self-Love for you!

Expect to get help by having a self-care guru give you:

  • Confidence and self-trust

  • Tools to create positive self-talk

  • Coping skills

  • Creativity for healing

  • Relationship basics

  • Positive communication

  • Healing loss and old hurts

  • Listening to your feelings

  • & more!


Adventure Stories

Books are stories and my books are full of great adventure stories!  Betrayal, hope, true love, self-love, and lots of hope!

Read and be inspired.

"I love to share what I learn with you!"


XOink, Wanda


Gal pal pig friend.

When you need comfort,

my plush toys are ready to help!

They are a reminder of me:

that I care about you,

and I want you to care about yourself!

"I love to stay home with you and travel where you go too!"


XOink, Wanda