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World of Wanda

Trust is important!

All Wanda Petunia offerings are created from Amy's background as a licensed therapist, combined with the creative energy of her imaginary friend, a pig named Wanda Petunia!

Effective emotional support for:

women healing childhood trauma

and support for girls.


Self-Care and Self-Love for you!

Expect to get help by having a self-care guru give you:

  • Confidence and self-trust

  • Tools to create positive self-talk

  • Coping skills

  • Creativity for healing

  • Relationship basics

  • Positive communication

  • Healing loss and old hurts

  • Listening to your feelings

  • & more!


Adventure Stories

Books are stories and my books are full of great adventure stories!  Betrayal, hope, true love, self-love, and lots of hope!

Read and be inspired.

"I love to share what I learn with you!"


XOink, Wanda


Gal pal pig friend.

When you need comfort,

my plush toys are ready to help!

They are a reminder of me:

that I care about you,

and I want you to care about yourself!

"I love to stay home with you and travel where you go too!"


XOink, Wanda

Wanda Petunia Rainbow Heart Online Class
Wanda Petunia Rainbow Heart Online Class
Sep 22, 2020, 7:00 PM
Zoom Link will be provided!

"Amy helped me find my light again and helped me see how truly awesome I am."

—  Kimberly Morris

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