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If you've been wanting to improve your self-care, May Motivation is a supportive opportunity to help!  After signing up, you'll receive one email each week in May... and an optional Facebook group membership as well!


Pick one or two goals and prepare to become motivated!




Monday: Yoga/Mindful Movement

Tuesday: Affirmation Art

Wednesday: Wanda wisdom card fun

Thursday: Essential oil tips

Fri-Sun: Nature homework


Choose how much this experience is worth to you and donate that money or your time to the cause of your choice.  I'd love to know who or what you'll be contributing to!?


Before May 1st, you'll receive an Intro video.  Downloadable calendar included in this order!


If you want to join the (Optional) Facebook Group let me know.  Here are some benefits:


1. Accountability

2. Encouragement

3. Accomplishment

Motivation May - FREE!

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