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You belong


Join artist and therapist
 Amy Jane Williams
and her magical pig friends
Wanda Petunia
Beefy Parisian Pig

in WandaLand ~

Learn to be more

creative, carefree and caring!

 You'll find original art, books,

classes, and groups to:

heal your past,

find healthier relationships

and help the world in your special way


all using creativity!

You are Love and You are Loved!


Would you like to be
more creative and heal?


Adventure Stories

When life gives

you a challenge,

turn it into an

adventure story!

That's what we do,

and what we can help

you do too!

Art Therapy

Healing through Creativity

Paintings, cards,

and other

creative  products -

reminders of how to comfort, care for and love yourself


the planet.

What People Say

“Coloring my Wanda page washes me in calm pleasure, while offering a soothing meditation on the qualities I had neglected.  This introvert loves Wanda!”

— Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D. author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength

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