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Did you ever go on Play Dates as a kid?  I don't think I did... but I can now > and so can YOU!


Let's schedule a play date so you can bring more creativity into your life!! 


I’ll be happy to help you discover your entry point for a regular practice,

How to deepen into something more if you’re already creating,

Ways to move past creative blocks and the critical mind,

And more. 

This is dedicated fun, exploration time to help you connect with your inner child and play. 


During the play date, we’ll be:

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Mindful Movement (Easy yoga)

You talk and I listen,

Creating & playing time!


Whether you have a bigger goal like writing a book or painting a series, or you want to create and play for fun only > this can help you!


Introductory Price of $44 for 45 minutes!

Creativity Play Date

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