The Story of Beefy Parisian Pig - Prologue

My introduction to Beefy Parisian Pig was unexpected. When Wanda Petunia's story first came to me, it arrived as a download from Heaven, maybe Hog Heaven :) The words just streamed into my head, and I wrote them down.

Wanda had been betrayed. She was betrayed by her boyfriend, who she'd seen kissing a sow... And, Wanda had just heard the saying, "Do not let the sun set on your anger." Being a pig with principles, and also wanting to honor her sad and mad feelings, she could not let the sun set on her anger. So Wanda decided to outrace the sun by heading West.

Who knew where she would end up? She was "root'in mad and snortin' mad." Her journey ended up with a lot of miles heading West - through the Mid-West where a crop dusting pilot flew her to LA. From there, she travelled to Japan and then India - where she still felt a hot, spicy anger.

After almost circling the planet, Wanda landed in France... the worst place in the world for a pig with a broken heart. She ended up in Paris. She was tired, she was hungry.

But unlike pigs who would look for truffles in the woods, Wanda went to the truffle shop. It was there where she first saw Beefy Parisian Pig. Her heart melted, her anger melted ~ and just as the sun set! Perfect, right?

Well maybe not!

Lest you think this was meant to be a romantic conclusion to Wanda's betrayal, you would be wrong. I wasn't sure I even understood that until I went to France. But more on that in the future!

This story "Love Catches Up with Wanda Petunia," came as a gift to me. Yet as I reflected on it, I didn't particularly like the idea that she would need to meet someone else to get over her ex and the betrayal. That scenario didn't quite fit right in my therapist mind. And yet, that's how the story had arrived firmly in my mind.