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The Destiny of Beefy Parisian Pig #1

Truffle Love: The Story of Beefy Parisian Pig

Dedicated to all pigs - may you be treated humanely.

"J'étais destiné à être un sandwich au jambon."

“I was destined to be a ham sandwich.”

~ Beefy Parisian Pig

What does one do when your destiny is this - to be a croque monsieur? This is how my story begins… even before my birth. Because just as you have your own destiny - plotted for you to some degree long before your birth, so did I.

And I bet if you are reading this, your destiny was not to be the ham of a ham and cheese sandwich. You probably weren’t destined to be the cheese or the bread either - and lucky you!

I was born in the south of France… a lovely area of legend and folklore and lots of ham dishes.

Ham with cheese. Ham with wine. Ham with croissant. You get the idea. No one really thinks of NOT eating ham. Instead, many thoughts revolve around all the different ways to eat ham.

Like all pigs, I was born to a family with siblings and parents. But something spared me their fate.

My entry into the world occurred at a farm, a place where the people loved and hunted truffles.

For whatever reason I will never know, it was my path to be spared the fate of my family - who turned into the ham I spoke of earlier. Instead, I became the truffle pig... the successful pig who searched for prize "truffes."

Over the years of my life, I've learned that I have a very good nose. Not that other noses are not good. But they weren't good enough to have my good fortune.

Apparently my snout was very scents-i-tive.

Sometime in my life, I realized most truffle pigs are girls. This is because truffles put off a musk-like scent that girl pigs especially like. I’ve always been in touch with my feminine side ~ so I’m not surprised I broke the gender barrier with my knack for finding these fungi.

I often wonder how our life's path is determined? Apparently, it was my path in life to be saved by pungent truffles of all things...

This took me off the path towards the ham part of the croque monsieur. For this, at least, I am grateful.


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