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Really listening > to yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to listen to one’s self and act on it. There can be many reasons for this:

1) You were brought up to not have your own independent thoughts and actions,

2) You care too much what others think,

3) You lack confidence,

4) You’ve made mistakes and don’t trust yourself,

5) You get so much pushback when you do try to listen to yourself and act on what you need.

But listening to yourself and acting on your needs is an important part of self-care.

I‘ve been thinking lately how important it is for me to meet myself where I am and not be afraid to listen to myself and act on it. Even if this means things like:

* I’m the only one in a group wearing a mask,

* I still only get take out or eat outdoors,

* I’m cautious about being inside other’s houses even if they’re vaccinated.

It’s been a year plus of isolation and caution, so I’m trying to give myself permission to meet myself where I am when it comes to being out and about more.

But the importance of listening to yourself and acting on it is not just COVID caution. This is important with many things. A breakup, a move, a career change, how you parent, even how you spend your time… whatever it is > listening to yourself matters. And not just listening, but taking action on what you need!

Even if you’re “wrong” or different or complicated > that’s okay. This is you listening to you, respecting where you are, taking up for you. And that’s a very healing act!

WandaWork Journaling: 🐷

What is something you are stressed about now?

What are your thoughts about this situation?

What do you need?

How can you act on this need without expecting anyone else to change ~ approve of you ~ understand you?

What blocks you from listening to yourself?

Are you willing to release this?

Can you give yourself permission to make yourself a priority?

Need help? Email Wanda

Photo (Above): Spending time creating helps me listen to myself! What helps you listen to you?

Photo (Below): Wanda is always willing to be different if it means listening to herself! That’s great self-care!!


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