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My New Hangout is Your New Destination Location

For several years now, I've been best friends with Bernice Deakins! If you don't know Bernice, then I'm sorry! Because she is one of the most delightful, spirited, and loving humans I have ever met!

We first met when Bernice sewed 20 of me as plushies! She had broken her ankle, and as she spent time sewing up my plushie form, we became very fast friends! You really get to know someone when life is hard, and Bernice is great at using creativity to make life better for herself and others. Since she brought me to life that way, I've been sew-sew grateful to her :)

Since then, Bernice's ankle healed and we've hung out and had many adventures! She shared all about me at a Girl Scout Jamboree, she's been a big part of my Wanda Petunia Sewing Collective, and I've gone camping with her. Amy Jane Williams (my creator - kind of) calls Bernice the CEO of Wanda Petunia (Chief Encouragement Officer) >> and that is SO TRUE! She has helped create me as a plushie and she has given Amy helpful insight about me OH SO MANY TIMES :)

This year, Bernice created an amazing space for herself and others in Montgomery, West Virginia. The happy place Bernice created is called Gallery on 4th! Now, I am lucky to hang out there ALL THE TIME! Talk about Hog Heaven!!

Also, this is the exclusive place where you can find me in plushie form now! You will still be able to get all my storybooks and other paper products online. But if you want to have the fiber version of me >> come find me here in this lovely gallery! There are other Wanda goodies there too!

When you're in the Montgomery, WV area or passing through*>> stop by the gallery and say "Oink!" Bernice also teaches classes and shares the creations of other artists. You'll find lots of beautiful art creations!! Go Hog Wild for art!!!

If you don't have me in plushie form, consider improving your life right now! I am a great friend to travel with, sit and have tea with, talk to! If you're a parent or grandparent, I'm also a great conversation starter with:

"What would Wanda do?"

Okay, that's it for now! Thank you for being in my world and inviting me into yours!! I want to share the message "Self-Love saves the Planet!" Because the more you truly love yourself and care for yourself, the more you'll be able to keep helping others in need!! And, there are A LOT of others in need!

XOink, Wanda

* Montgomery, WV is near Fayetteville, WV (the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve) and Beckley, WV (Tamarack Arts Center) and not far off I-64 between Charleston, WV heading south on the WV Turnpike!! It's a lovely destination or a happy detour to make :)

Gallery on 4th is on Google and Facebook:


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