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Making a mistake

Last week I made a mistake. Wanting to create self-care bandanas, I placed a order for Wanda's self-care illustrated fabric and tried a different cotton blend. When it arrived, the cotton twill was really too heavy for bandanas! Argh!

The word "twill" should have informed me it would be heavier fabric. Alas!! Lesson learned! While I still don't know what exact cotton to try, I know which one doesn't work > twill!

For much of my life, anytime I made a mistake my first thought was: "nothing ever works out for me!" It is defeatist, but that's just how I felt. When I think of the epitome of my negative attitude history, I remember shaving my leg with a foot on the porcelain soap dish and it broke... "Argh, nothing ever works out for me!" It seems ridiculous and silly now to let myself go down that thought rabbit hole! There were many other examples too.

Thankfully, the personal growth work I've invested in has improved my attitude. Virtually never do I think or say "nothing ever works out for me!" It feels so much better to let this depressing thought go.

Not only have I let the negative thinking go, I have embraced my mistakes more than ever (some are easier than others)! Much of the time, I am thrilled that I look for rainbows and even blessings in my mistakes.

As I looked at all the "bandanas" that would not be with this fabric, it dawned on me that the fabric was still fantastic. It could make a great addition to tote bags and could also be turned into pencil bags, cosmetic bags or ??

Oh yes, there was another mistake too. To make things even more mistake-laden, half of the fabric was printed backwards. With all the fabric I've designed and ordered before, printing backwards has never happened.

This inspired me to give away that fabric and as part of a special: the twill self-care panel I'd sell at cost and throw in the backwards print free.

There are only five of these little "mistakes" ~ and hopefully someone will want to turn my mistake into their next sewing project! Maybe you!!?? If you do, let me know what you sew!

With all the stress in the world right now, it's important to:

* Be self-compassionate when we make mistakes,

*Learn to pivot and find the blessings in the mistakes,

* Sew and create more for peace and sanity, and

* Support others who make mistakes by buying their fabric :)


If you're not willing to try, then nothing new gets created.

Only by trying do you learn what works and what doesn't.

It's okay to make mistakes, that's just part of creating a life we love.

Even when you make a mistake, YOU are NOT a mistake!!


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