How We Will Share Love in 2022

I am grateful to know many people who only want to make the world a better place. I could list all day generous family members and friends who do kind deeds for others - wanting no reward or even acknowledgement.

When I created the course "Healing through Creativity," the fourth and final part is how to share love with others in ways that are harmonious and sustaining to you. That's one of many reasons why self-love is so important. It is impossible to sustainably give what you don't have.

You are worth caring for just because, not because you need to do things for others. But just because you are worthy of it. And yet, I know that many of my readers here are constantly thinking of how they can help a neighbor, ease the pain of a friend, transport a dog to a better home...

I'd love to hear from you... what are the things you are wanting to do for others in the coming year. So please write and let me know. I also thought I would share with you something new for 2022. I spent time in December reflecting on how I could focus more to create positive change in the world.

I decided to focus on five things. These are heartfelt causes I deeply care about. It is my hope that by sharing more about these causes in 2022, you might join me in some of them or be inspired to find where you want to transform the planet!

Some of these projects will involve physical labor, some will be using the power of social media, others will be educational and of course there's always money - I will contribute $$$ to some of these causes as well.

Let me know if any of my heartfelt causes connect with you! As we look ahead into the new year, I present to you my 2022 focus of Sharing Love:

Very close to home