Highlights from the Story of Beefy Parisian Pig

So all my sharing thus far leads up to the most important reason I am here writing to you. It's to share the story of Beefy Parisian Pig!

Beefy Parisian Pig first appeared at the end of Wanda Petunia's first story, "Love catches up with Wanda Petunia."

Originally, that's all he was - a sketch, an idea. Well, he was also the "Eureka!" Wanda needed. Wanda had been betrayed. Beefy Parisian Pig was the realization Wanda had >she deserved more, she could be treated better. This was possible!

In my original sketch of Beefy Parisian Pig and even Wanda, they were drawn a little differently - with hooves and a tail.

In the original book's image of Beefy, I realized few things I had missed after publication. One important "miss" was I didn't color in his pants to be black - so really he's naked!!

Eventually both images, Wanda and Beefy, changed to match the plushie images more closely.

The photo with the measuring tape is Beefy's image I submitted to get his copyright!