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Highlights from the Story of Beefy Parisian Pig

So all my sharing thus far leads up to the most important reason I am here writing to you. It's to share the story of Beefy Parisian Pig!

Beefy Parisian Pig first appeared at the end of Wanda Petunia's first story, "Love catches up with Wanda Petunia."

Originally, that's all he was - a sketch, an idea. Well, he was also the "Eureka!" Wanda needed. Wanda had been betrayed. Beefy Parisian Pig was the realization Wanda had >she deserved more, she could be treated better. This was possible!

In my original sketch of Beefy Parisian Pig and even Wanda, they were drawn a little differently - with hooves and a tail.

In the original book's image of Beefy, I realized few things I had missed after publication. One important "miss" was I didn't color in his pants to be black - so really he's naked!!

Eventually both images, Wanda and Beefy, changed to match the plushie images more closely.

The photo with the measuring tape is Beefy's image I submitted to get his copyright!

Beefy is a little taller than Wanda and also beefier :) Of course he wears a beret, he has a bow tie and his chef's outfit is a white shirt with black pants.

He has a mustache and goatee, although over his years of travel and aging they have fallen off! He is truly a character!

I am grateful that by the time I made it to France to write his story I had learned at least a tad of patience. I knew from writing other Wanda stories, I could not force his story. I would have to learn more about truffle pigs, and France and eventually his story would arrive.

Right at the very end of my residency month, thankfully it did. The story was really pretty sad. I wondered, did the world need another sad story? Apparently it did. But it also ended with hope. And that let me know it was truly a channelled Wanda Petunia adventure story, because no matter what Wanda went through > there was always some inspiration, transformation and hope in her stories too.

Beefy's story was very different from Wanda's story. But it made perfect sense. I loved the story, it's poignancy and vulnerability. But I also knew it might make others uncomfortable. I've had to realize my job was to share the story and let people feel whatever they felt.

As I explored this story I had been gifted from the Heavens, from Hog Heaven maybe literally, I could see how letting myself simmer in France and steep in learning about pigs and truffles had revealed this gem. I hope when you read it you will agree!

I don't mind giving you a little preview of the story. During 2022, it is my hope to illustrate the pages with watercolor and collage. Beefy's story begins on a farm, a pig farm, where he is happily with his mother and siblings.

Then slowly, they each disappear. Over time, Beefy is alone. He goes out with the man there to look for truffles, something he is apparently good at. Then one night someone arrives and takes him to another farm. But he ends up being returned.

Eventually he is so good at knowing about truffles, Beefy ends up working in a Parisian truffle shop to help people pick truffles for their dishes - the dishes that likely include his pig friends. He is lonely, grief-stricken and empty.

Until, one day... well maybe I'll save that for later :)

Let's just say that sometimes when you are alone and down and out, life blesses you!


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