Helping Dreams Come True

I'm still surprised when something that I have wanted comes true. There are days when I just sit and notice what I am living now that I once wanted to live, what I am experiencing now that I once wanted to experience.

Everything in your life doesn't have to be perfect or already manifested to do this: just sit and notice. What is good now?

Yesterday, I was reminded how sometimes good things happen that you couldn't have planned for or even envisioned. I was blessed to share how creativity is a path to connection with a group of children' s librarians. I love libraries, librarians and still read children's books. So getting to share how to create zines, how to do illustrative journaling, what to do to encourage creative expression with younger children (let them draw with both hands) and more! It was such a joy :) It was perfect and an extension of something else super positive - the "Healing through Creativity" course I launched in October. Sometimes, good things build on themselves!

Over the years of my life, I've taken many classes and read many books on manifesting what you want, setting goals, accomplishing goals, vibrational frequency, etc. They all have been helpful. And, I love to distill some things that have helped me most and share with others. So here it goes:

1) Getting clear about what you want in life is a process. As the book "The Four Agreements" declares we are brainwashed by people who are brainwashed by people who are brainwashed... so releasing ideas of who you should be and what you should be doing can be hard.

2) Getting clear about what you want to experience in life can change and it should. Sometimes we think we want something, only to find out that really we didn't. Or, it wasn't quite what we thought. Or, what we want needs tweaked. That's great! Remembering that clarity is a process opens up the reminder >> it's okay to change your mind.

3) Some desires/dreams/visions will work out and some won't. That's also okay. Keep exploring. In Tosha Silver's book "It's Not Your Money," she shares how you may want to win the lottery, imagine yourself winning it, really feel yourself winning it and not win it. Maybe that's not planned in your life experience, or maybe it's not really good for you. I love the idea that we are each co-creators with some Greater Force (GF). That means not putting all the responsibility on GF or on you... instead you are dreaming, exploring, desiring, listening and TRUSTING as a collaboration with life.