Beefy Parisian Pig: The France Arrival

Arriving in Noyers, France was like a dream!

I had no idea what to expect, but the experience of actually being in this place was magical. As I look back, it seems surreal.

My temporary home during the residency was a little room on the second floor of a medieval building > the Unicorn Room. It had two windows that opened out onto beautiful roofs, and on the street below I could see the grocery store.

Michelle, the residency co-founder and co-owner, was busy and also welcoming. The downstairs of the residency building had art galleries and shopping space, while the upstairs had the bedrooms, kitchen, and library. It was all so inviting, as I sipped a cup of hot cocoa and settled in.

Eventually I would get to explore the whole building - and even the outdoor studios and a barn where Nazi soldiers had played cards during WWII occupation. There was a super fantastical third floor library full of French books, films and delight.

Michelle offered me a few spaces to work/create in. I settled on a creative space off the kitchen.