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World of Wanda

Topics that matter to you!

  All Wanda offerings are created to support you ~ listening to your feelings, positive self-talk and communication, choosing healthy relationships, building confidence, following your dreams, healing loss, and creating your own self-care practices from a licensed therapist.

"I can help you see yourself with eyes of Love."

XOink, Wanda

Love Note Curriculum For Girl and Women Leaders.

Our curriculum series works on its own or with another program.  The lessons and activities use fun, engaging ideas and practices to teach self-care and self-love.  Materials are available for girl and women book groups too, with a study guide.

"I'll help you remember the unique creation you are."

XOink, Wanda

Speaker and Facilitator Training

Amy is a licensed therapist and a creative entrepreneur, gifted at inspiring and teaching others to learn valuable principles in engaging, empowering  ways.  She is a great resource on a variety of emotional health-related topics.  Invite her (and Wanda) to speak on self-care, self-love for your training or workshop!

"I am ready to be your self-care & self-love friend."

XOink, Wanda

You are a "Party of One" > "Party of Wan" ~

Whether you are alone, or with others, you have everything you need inside you!

Love Your Self and Share the Love!

Wanda's stories and activities translate into inspiring, creative and empowering experiences for individual and group use.


Birthday parties ~ Art & Music Academies  ~ Mother-Daughter Events ~ Sewing Collectives ~ Girlfriend Get-Togethers ~ Summer Camps ~ Scout Meetings >> can easily add Wanda’s stories, songs, sewing projects and activities for a Wandaful adventure!

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