Upping Your Game with Water

Drinking quality water is so important. It's tempting to get bottled water, but with some planning (and maybe a little extra cash) you can successfully hydrate without adding more plastic waste on our planet!

First, you can purchase a filter (Brita, for example) and use a pitcher at home. Then put your filtered water into your own container and carry it with you. Berkey filtering systems are pricier, but they are supposed to be lovely. There are probably some other good options out there. Just do some research and remember you can take baby steps if you can't invest in something costlier.

Once you have the filtered water, it's great to add sliced cucumbers, maybe some fresh mint or even lemon slices. Cucumbers supposedly make the water alkaline - something our stressed and overly acidic bodies need.

Since essential oils are one of my happy go-tos, you can also add a few drops of oils to your glass of water. Lemon helps alkaline the water also, which is a good thing. When you use oils, and even with the cucumbers mentioned above, I recommend glass containers!

Amy loves putting water into a blue bottle and sitting it in the sun - this is supposed to be very energizing and positive for you. It seems to help her, so I'm all for that!! Try this as an experiment and see what you think!

Of course, none of these recommendations are official - they're just some tips from a pig. You may think all I know about water is that Water + Dirt = Mud >>> which I love! But I care about self-care, and drinking quality water is BIG self-care! Let me know what you try and make sure you are drinking lots of water. Hydrating helps your health!!

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