Two Towels as Self-Care

After several decades on the planet, I finally did something indulgent! I used two towels.

For my whole life, with rare exception, I would wash my hair in the shower > use a towel to wrap it > finish my shower > then use the same towel to dry my body!

I also have a history of picking and using the saddest, holiest (and I don‘t mean sacred) towel available.

Last week, for whatever reason, I decided I deserved to use two towels.

This morning, I shuffled the Wanda wisdom deck cards to choose a card for a friend. It was “quit or start something.”

Then, before writing my Morning Pages, I read Melody Beattie’s daily reading in “The Language of Letting Go.”

The theme was “Giving Ourselves What We Deserve.”

I‘m including the reflection here.

So many of us had mothers who deprived themselves. Or >> maybe they indulged in not so helpful things and deprived themselves of other more helpful things.

Mother’s Day is a great day to quit or start something! Because you deserve good things!