A few years back and maybe longer, I was fortunate to share Wanda Petunia plushies with children diagnosed with cancer.  During this time, I really wanted a book or some written material to support their journey.  I sent out this wish to the Universe.

Then, Original Wanda plushie's eye fell out.

I was kind of upset.  I had noticed early after creating this first plush, I'd cut the hole for one eye too big.  So inevitably, her eye would eventually fall out.  And, it did. What happened next was unusual for me.

I didn't do anything to fix it.

I kept traveling with Wanda plushie and taking photos of her - missing an eye.  Usually, my pro-active, Type A self would need to fix the eye.  Instead, I waited.  I kept waiting.  I didn't even know exactly what I was waiting for.  It just felt like what I needed to do.

Then, one day the idea came to sew a red heart for her eye.  Sometime after that, the story came "Good-Bye Eye."  It was a message related losing a body part.  It related to children with cancer or women who have lost a breast, even the losses connected with aging - losing our hair or how our body once was.

Right now, I've struggled a bit with waiting.  When will I see my parents safely again? When will I see my son in NYC?  I only social-distance visit occasionally, the son I live close to.  When will I go to the doctor again to get a check-up, or accupuncture?  When will I get my teeth cleaned?  Will I ever use my office to see clients again?  Will a loved one or even myself catch this virus?

Will... When...

So I'm waiting. I'm considering this an incubation time.  A time to learn lessons.  Learn self-forgiveness and forgiveness.  Learn priorities and radical self-care.  Learn to stay connected to Source and self and others.

Waiting can be hard.  But we can wait together.

Remembering we are each loved, we are each known.

We are each enough, just as we are today.

We will trust Divine timing, together...

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