Sometimes You Need to Do Nothing

If your life is exactly like you want it, STOP reading now >>> that's Pema making sure you're telling the truth 😂!

If you would like to freshen your life up and need some adjustments, keep reading >>>

I'm going to share two ideas on how to keep creating your life in ways that feel better to you.

I am frequently working on how to create a more enjoyable life! I often feel like my plan is working... then sometimes things happen. ☹️🤨 Recently, it was Brene Brown.

She made me jealous. Brene sent out an email announcing she was taking a summer sabbatical. Not only is she taking 14 weeks off, she is giving her staff every Friday off paid and an extra four weeks of paid vacation!!

I wanted to either work for her or take those 14 weeks off myself!!! 🤣

I noticed my reaction, and took my jealous response to heart though. I let myself reflect on the annoyance, resentment, frustration that she was wealthy enough to take so much time off work.

In my momentary stewing, I remembered something VERY IMPORTANT. Actually I remembered two somethings.

Something #1 Jealousy often means someone else is doing something I want to do, yet I don't