One of my Best Friends > Beefy

Introducing you to Beefy Parisian Pig!  I met Beefy at the end of my first adventure story “Love Catches Up with Wanda Petunia”

I travelled around the planet to not let the sun set on my anger!  At the end of the day, I was tired and went to a truffle shop. Then I met my new best friend.

Beefy has his own adventure story that I hope you’ll hear someday.  It’s a meaningful one that needs to be heard!

Beefy is a truly sweet ❤️

Stay tuned for some new adventures he and I have in #wandaland ~ I hope you’ll join us!

XOink, Wanda

#wandaland #selfcare #selflove #beefyparisianpig #wandapetunialove #hope #paris #france 🇫🇷 #truffle #pig

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