How to Change Your Diet with The Next Step

If you are interested in switching to a plant-based diet, thank you! Maybe you want to go whole hog and jump in, that's fabulous. But you can also take steps... even tiny ones to create change in your diet.

Being vegan means you are eating no animal products at all. Being vegetarian means you eat animal related products like eggs, milk and cheese - but no meat. When you switch away from eating animals and products from animals, you are creating a lot of positive changes for yourself and the planet.

I want to add regular support here on the website to help you take the steps to live in a more animal friendly way. I'm going to assume you want to make change step by step. So this blog will talk about how to create change by changing the chocolate you eat.

One of the easiest ways to move toward vegan, is to eat vegan chocolate! According to Veganuary, 70% and over dark chocolate is usually vegan. But check the label. Cocoa butter is vegan. You can research this and also support chocolate that is made free of forced labor - like Truffle Pig Chocolate - obviously one of our favorites!!

Let me know your favorite vegan chocolate!

Here's a link to some vegan chocolate research:

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