I like to draw

I can be hard on myself. Yet, there are a few areas in my life where I'm kinder to myself and more supportive. It's when I create art and especially when I draw ✏️

In my work as a therapist, and a teacher of creativity, I encourage people to create drawings for self-awareness. Many, too many people, have big blocks to drawing.

"I can only draw a stick figure!" is usually the first response. There are other variations too >

"I'm not creative."

"I couldn't draw if my life depended on it." ("Really?" I say.)

When in our life do we lose the freedom to just draw, doodle, sketch, and not worry what others are thinking as we create?

Somewhere between the time you first picked up a crayon 🖍 or pencil and this moment, maybe someone criticized you for what you drew. Maybe you weren't nurtured or encouraged. "Phooey," I say. It's time to let all that go. I'm not minimizing any pain you've experienced though!

There's really only one way to ultimately overcome blocks to drawing. That is to draw! We can use tapping (the Emotional Freedom Technique), we can find meaningful affirmations, we can look at successful artists who don't necessarily draw well so maybe you'll feel more confident. But in the end, you just have to draw something!!

Draw a line, a (kind of) circle, maybe a stick person! This is also why I encourage people (especially stuck creative people) to draw Wanda Petunia (video below)!!! Everyone is capable of drawing Wanda 🐷! The drawings and art of Wanda made by others brings immense joy to my heart 💓!

While I can feel inhibited about a variety of things, I don't feel inhibited when I draw. I'm not saying I'm always super confident. I'm also not always pleased with how a drawing turns out. But thankfully, I don't care that much about what others think or what criticism I give myself. Instead, I draw.

One day, several years ago, I got the inspiration to create a Wanda Petunia affirmations coloring book. So what did I do? I sat down at the kitchen counter and began drawing. That's it. It's how I created a whole coloring book.

It felt inspired and the first image I drew for each page ended up being the final one.

I was creating from my "Beginner's Mind" and it was passionate, purposeful and peaceful. I just went with that and let myself enjoy it!