Hi, I'm Wanda

Who am I, you ask. This is a very good question. I am (potentially) one of your very best friends > if you’ll let me be! My mission is to help you remember the love you are. I want to help you practice self-care too!  And yes, I also want to help you laugh and feel hopeful and helpful and connected and loved! Do you know that song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...” Yes, well I rewrote it. I take liberties like that. Here’s my new version... try singing it today!! I am my ☀️ sunshine, My lovely sunshine, I make me happy, When skies are gray, I want to know dear, How much I love me ~ I am sunshine yes sunshine each day! Even if you don’t always feel like sunshine, you are!  And singing this just might help you feel it... goodbye ☁️ ⛅️ clouds Thank you for being part of my world ~ remember you can sign up for a FREE email weekly Love Note 💌 this website! Have a happy day, and now I’m going to get my glasses. 😎 You’re light is blinding > but keep it up. The world 🌎 needs you!

#loveyourself #selflove #innerpeace #mindfulness #pigsofinstagram #wandapetunialove #youaremysunshine #hope #inspiration #humanetreatmentforall

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