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Getting Your Bearings

Lately, I seem to continually lose track of time. "Is this Thursday?" "No wait that was on Wednesday, or was it last Wednesday or Friday?"

Maybe you can relate.

Thinking about time, and being at the end of a calendar year, has also gotten me reflecting on where I've been and where I want to go.

This is the time of year you may start thinking about choosing a "word" for the next year. Maybe it's a little early, but the idea can simmer amongst those of us who like picking a word to focus on.

All this thinking (welcome to my mind :) brought up the bigger idea of "getting my bearings" - which originated as a saying connected to using a compass. It's re-orienting and getting centered, then carrying forward.

With another Covid variant, this can be especially relevant. How can you get your bearings and carry on? After a few years of a scary virus, political divisiveness, human conflict, and more challenges > what next?

As I began to ponder what word I wanted to declare as my vision for 2022, the word immediately came to me. That was nice. I didn't have to search or reflect or meditate on my 2022 Word. It just jumped forward, out of the line of possibilities to say, "Me, Me... Pick Me!" I'll share it with you later... so keep reading!

As I reflected on my 2022 word, I began to wonder what my 2021 word was. I couldn't remember. What was the point of having a word when you couldn't even recall it by the end of the year? So I went to my childhood nightstand, where I keep all my journals from the past few years, and looked for the one that started January 1, 2021.

Oh yes. The beginning of the year. Lovely visions, hope, nice hand-writing! I sat and read the beginning of my journal - the opening pages of my desires even before I wrote one journal entry. I was shocked. I'm not sure I embodied my 2021 word of the year, but the visions I had listed for myself had all come true!

I'm including a copy of those pages that were "Wowing" to me. WOW! You know when you list a dream or desire and then you're so shocked when it happens??? That was me! In 2021, a dog came into my life, I was able to purchase a home, and I got to travel to see my parents - and my NYC son came to visit me.

While I had not stayed totally on course with my practices: Quiet time, Eat healthy, Yoga, Hike-Walk, Creative Wanda time, Fun and Family > I also hadn't done so bad. Something I've always wanted to do but had not even listed was learning another language. And yet, it was in November 2021, I reached a goal of practicing 365 days of Duolingo French.

This review of my first journal of 2021 warmed my heart. It showed me that not only is it possible to fulfill dreams, it's even possible to fulfill them when you're not focusing on them consistently. It's also possible to experience the fulfillment of things you hadn't listed. These were heart desires, and that is why I believe many of the visions happened. All in timing :)

Maybe you already journal, pick a word each year, list your visions and goals... If so, I'd love to hear what you have learned?!?! How has that been for you?

And, if not maybe you could try these ideas this year. Remember it doesn't have to be elaborate.

You don't have to have a special journal or make it a big deal. Maybe you just want more joy. So you write that word down on a piece of paper and tape it on your bathroom mirror. Maybe write "Joy" on a few more pieces of paper that you leave in your clothes drawer or inside the kitchen cabinet or on the fridge. Your vision can be simple.

As you can see from the journal pages, my 2021 word was "Radiant expression." I remember that word coming to me last year. Because 2020 felt so dark, it was a desire inside me to embody light and love and express that wherever I was. In some ways, 2021 has been even more challenging than 2020. So I am grateful for any radiant expression I've found inside me and shared.

My 2022 word will be "Aligned." This comes from a practical issue I struggle with: slouching. And, working on the computer so many hours daily does not help. I want to improve my posture, align more with my priorities and heart-felt goals. I desire a more stable practice of yoga and being tall and open, as opposed to slouching and caving in.

I think "Aligned" came to me because it's been on my mind a lot. I once heard a business coach advise: "Whatever you struggle with most, research/spend time with/learn more about that thing!"

There are all kinds of free and low cost offerings to find your word and your vision. But, most importantly remember >>> you will find it within yourself. Years of wanting to learn French sat inside me before I could find it within myself to practice lessons every day - and want to! Maybe you want desires and experiences that just aren't happening. Don't lose heart. Keep writing them down, dreaming, and acknowledging when things do happen! That's so important too!

It's okay to take time to get your bearings. The compass is inside you. The direction you want to travel is inside you too! You have support - me and Wanda! Remember you can record all this in your Wanda Passport too!

Take care, Amy


Above - the first pages of my 2021 journal with a prayer by Tosha Silver.

Below - me at the beach - another heartfelt goal I didn't know I would get to experience until a day trip last Saturday! I wrote it in my Wanda Passport!! And >>> I let myself really feel the goodness in my body! Letting yourself feel your blessings is a Wandaful practice :)


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