Your Soul Mate is:

It's that time of year when love, true love and soul mates is on everyone's mind. I've thought about it too. There's even a book about me - "Wanda Petunia Hearts Love" > it's all about the search for my true love journey!

Because we know you want your true love, my human pal Amy and I put together a Soul Mate quiz. It's better than Tinder and all those other online dating apps. If you didn't see it online, check it out here:

Question 1.

How do your friends describe you?

___ Full of Self-Care and Self-Love

___ Friends? What are those?

Maybe you can reflect on this a little bit. Do you have a self-love and sharing love balance? I hope so! It's so helpful in finding your Soul Mate!

Question 2.

How do you spend your free time?

___ Being your own good company.

___ Being with someone bossy and pushy.

Your free time isn't actually cheap. It's super valuable. Some people have a hard time being alone. If that's you, then plan more time alone. After all, you are great company. And if you don't know that yet, you just need more time alone!

Question 3.

If you suddenly had a fortune, you would:

___ Do some kind things for yourself AND some kind things for others.

___Refuse to accept it, you're not worthy.

Whoa! You are worthy of all kind of good things. Will you accept all kinds of good things coming your way? In order to find your jackpot winnings of true love, you'll need to believe you're worth it!

Question 4.

If you could go on an ideal date anywhere, where?

___ The skies the limit, but I'm thinking Paris.

___ The local convenience store.

This is a BIG DEAL! Because you can go on a date with yourself. Amy went on a BIG Artist's Date to Paris by herself. The local convenience store? Hmm. I mean I'm not really against that, except I do think they carry Pig Jerky. But I think you could dream for more... Oui?

If you want to learn about my journey to find true love, go to my Shop and order "Wanda Petunia Hearts Love." It's super affordable and a fast, easy, fun read. In the meantime, let's get you the results to your quiz.

Are you ready? The results of the Soul Mate quiz I created have 100% accuracy. It has been time tested and never fails. The answer to who your Soul Mate is is a lot closer than you think. As soon as you finish reading this >>>


Look into the mirror and say, "Hi, Soul Mate!" Yep, it's Y-O-U! You may spend your whole hog lifetime absorbing how special you are. You are unique. There is only one YOU on this planet! You have other soul mates too. All kinds of them. Your partner(s) can be soul mates. Your friends. Your family. Your animal companions.

And the more you connect with your #1 Soul Mate > YOU, the more you'll connect lovingly with others. The planet needs saved - I believe we can do it together! Self-Love saves the planet! Happy Madly in Love with Me Day (February 13th) to YOU! and YOUR Soul Mate - aka YOU!

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