How to Climb a Wall

Recently, I climbed a wall. A real wall, a rock wall.

It was an adventure. I learned some things about myself. And, I love sharing what I learned that might help you.

If you want to climb a wall, a real wall or just something in life you're facing that's difficult and challenging... read on!

1. Vision: In order to climb a wall you need to know it exists. It's helpful to actually see the wall - the real rock one or the obstacle you face in life. You don't have to get dramatic about it. Just observe it, like a cloud floating by or a rock wall. "Oh, yeah there's the wall."

2. Prepare: It usually helps to prepare before climbing a wall. You might not want to do it barefoot or before you've had breakfast. It helps to have good shoes for climbing and a bandana - I forgot mine on this climb (but pigs don't sweat so it was okay)! I did remember to bring a buddy. Having a buddy to talk to and to encourage you makes everything easier. You might also want to know if someone has climbed this wall before, and if they have tips to help you. Why not benefit from what's already been learned, if you can?

3. Portion Control: This is helpful in life, and as a pig don't I know it?! Take steps, take baby steps if you need to. Walls aren't always something you can climb in one day. Sometimes you have to take routes, paths... you break it into parts to accomplish. We can become so used to the idea that things should be quick and easy > if it isn't quick and easy, we give up! This is not the way to climb a wall.

4. Celebrate: How often do you climb a wall or accomplish something and then you forget you even did it? It's so important to celebrate everything positive you achieve and overcome! Take a photo of yourself after the accomplishment. Frame it! Remember :) Keep an album on your phone of all the things you've done that are like climbing a wall. You can even include a photo of you having climbed a real wall - like mine here!

I hope these ideas help you with whatever wall you are climbing! Send me a photo of you celebrating some wall you've climbed. And, if you need an encouraging word please let me know.

I will send one > as soon as I climb off this wall!


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