Learning to Grow (a vision)

Hi! This is Amy - Wanda's personal assistant. I wanted to let you know about some changes in our world. In the future, this blog will be taken over (mostly) by Wanda herself! She'll be writing short, piggy posts to (hopefully) inspire you to remember her vision and mission "Self-Love saves the Planet!"

From time to time, I'll pop in to share information and ideas too. One thing I wanted to share today is how grateful Wanda and I are for the HUG grant (Helpful-Unfettered-Gift) through Creative Mornings Charlotte. (See link at end if you are interested in applying!)

This $250 allowed us to create a self-care #fashionwithamission line that has started with self-care tote bags featuring hand-illustrated self-care tips by me, repurposed fabric and lots of love. It has been a great blessing to work with Make Welcome at Project 658 in Charlotte. Shoutout to Beth Pinckney (photo below) and Lisa Roszler for design and project assistance!

Make Welcome teaches refugee women to sew as a way to support themselves and their families and for community! Every time I drop into Make Welcome it is truly a making welcome experience as women sew and talk and support each other!

In the first few days, the first mini- collection of 6 velvet bags sold out (YAY!) And funds from that collection are paying for the next collection - that is now complete and over half sold out (YAY again!) It's been a learning process as the self-care fabric is a little pricey, and we pay a fair price for labor and design. So I've been working on how to keep the bags as affordable as possible!!

As you continue to see #wandapetunialove and #fashionwithamission grow, I hope you will remember:

* Anytime you purchase a product, you are investing in self-love and helping Wanda and me grow our vision,

* You are getting a meaningfully made product that is helping women create ways to support themselves,

* AND you are getting a functional and reusable self-care fabric tote with reminders of how to care for yourself every day!

All of this was designed and created with love and as little footprint on the planet as possible. Special thanks to Hblung (photo at right) from Vietnam, for so beautifully sewing our first two collections!

Wanda and I plan to keep creating functional and planet- people- and animal- friendly products you can use and share. Let us know if there's an idea you would like to see created :)

Wanda and I are also always thankful for our friends who helped us in the past, and who we hope will keep sewing with us in the future.

In past seasons, The Wanda Petunia Sewing Collective, based in WV, created hand-crafted plush toys to help grow the Wanda vision. Bernice Deakins, Debi Amburgey Ellis and Patricia Mason donated their time and talent and met regularly to create Wanda plushies. They are all so dear to Wanda and me!! And remembering precious seamstress Andy Sanchez who sewed so many of the original Wanda plushies, along with Beefy Parisian Pig!

Patricia (Pat is a talented seamstress and treasure pictured at left) created the very first collection of Wanda Petunia totes. I wanted one of those, but they all found homes! You may see friends of Wanda still carrying them around!!

If YOU have an idea you want to bring to reality, remember you can. Hold your vision, work with people you trust and enjoy, ask for help!

And always practice self-care! Please and thank you :) XO, Amy

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