Growing in Clarity: Vegetarian and Why!

We live in a world where it's easy to push our opinions on others. I don't want to be a pusher. Even if pushing an opinion is a subject I care deeply about > it's hard. Because I really do try to and want to respect other people's opinions.

In the past month, I have come to understand something. Just because I don't want to push an opinion, doesn't mean I can't share one. So, I'm going to talk more openly about eating meat, or more specifically not eating meat.

Some vegans and vegetarians can be pushy about the importance of NOT eating animals or animal products (and I do understand this). Because some animal activists are so adamant about not eating animals, and perceived as agressive > I often do not say anything. Even when meat eaters are rude to me and point out how much they love eating animals and bacon (while knowing my view), I usually remain silent.

I have of course never required, or even asked, anyone dining with me to not eat meat. I have a few friends who always choose to go meatless when we dine together. It's kind and I'm grateful, but I remind them it's okay... that I want them to do what feels okay to them.

I was recently talking with a close friend and she shared her surprise that meat is served at some of my events. This usually happens when it's potluck. She said, "I'm surprised people serve meat because if they know your story at all, they would know how you feel about this."

But here's the thing: a lot of people may not know why not eating meat aka animals is so important to me. And, it's up to me to share this - and not expect them to read my mind.

My friend is one of the people who chooses not to eat meat around me. Yes, she eats meat. And, our conversation prompted me to be more thoughtful about this subject.

I think my former silence on this topic has been influenced by the part of me that doesn't like being controlled. I don't like being controlled, and therefore I don't want to seem controlling. And, it's also this part of me that had not wanted to dictate menus. But as I reflected on all this, I realized that part of my own personal confidence could be getting clarity and making a change that aligned with my values and beliefs.

So, here it is:

"Amy Williams Wellness and Wanda Petunia are businesses that seek to create positive change in the world through sharing self-care, self-love and sharing love. An important part of our world is humane treatment for all beings.

As a young girl, Amy witnessed the poor treatment of pigs and she cared. She has always cared about people, and animals. This is the heart of Wanda Petunia Love. For this reason, we kindly request that only vegetable and humanely produced vegetarian food items be served at any events we offer and sponsor."

Every time I pass a truck of pigs I do feel sad. I've been told not to dwell on this sadness - that I can't do anything about it - and maybe on a large scale I can't.

But after talking with my friend and also passing this truck of pigs that were scarred and bleeding, I finally decided to try creating more thoughtfulness around what it means (to animals and the planet and even the human body) when people eat meat. Creating a humane world is very important to me, and pigs are some of the most inhumanely treated creatures on the planet... chickens and turkeys too.

I remember as a young girl, standing up for pigs that were mistreated. I cared that they were suffering and my speaking up didn't go well for me. Yet I am proud of young me who did what she could.

Now, I want to reclaim that confident girl in me... the one who is willing to speak up. She isn't putting anyone down. She isn't telling anyone what they have to do. She's just declaring what she values, and she's willing to speak up about it.

It's okay to ask for what we want and need, especially when it comes to our heart-felt desires. It's good to find our confidence - to speak up and out for those who can't. Thank you for listening.

P.S. Let me know what you care about, because I care about your cares too!

#confidence #choice #beliefs #values #vegetarian #vegan #humane #animalrights #respect #change #voice #menu

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