Your 3-Step Self-Care Plan

This month, I've been part of a Facebook self-care group where each weekday we have a post on practices to support self-care - with a focus on music, astrology and asana, meditation, creativity and aromatherapy, and mindful physical fitness with exercise, eating and adventure.

I know the group has been a blessing to me, and even if I don't see or act on every single post > it's been a positive reminder to stay focused on caring for myself. Even though self-care and self-love are major focuses in my businesses > yes, even I forget.

Sometimes, truly, what drives me to practice self-care is pain. This can be emotional or physical pain. Something difficult will happen, and I have done enough work on my life to know that self-care is my first go-to. What can I do to feel better?

Sometimes we can make things complicated and think we have to be perfect OR we are a failure. Even in this group, I've had a few friends tell me they fell off the self-care wagon. Hey, this is always going to happen. But the solution is to begin again... to stick with self-care the best we can and adjust as needed.

This got me thinking that creating a self-care practice is an easy process if we let it be. It's not complicated. In fact, I just wrote down a plan in my notebook in just a few minutes. You can do this too!

So here it is:

1) "What do I need the most right now? Is it most related to physical, or emotional or spiritual health?" A great way to know this is to become aware of where I am having the most problems in my life right now? Wherever you are having the most problems and pain is a good place to begin. You can list things on paper or in your head.

2) "Pick one thing to address." It's easy to focus on several things and then quickly get overwhelmed. Instead, say no and choose one thing. When you pick one pain point to address, it will be easier to focus. It will be easier to take action. Then you will feel a result quicker and that will help you be motivated. Being motivated is SUPER important!

3). "Write down 1 thing I can do each day to improve this need." You don't have to do a bunch of things every day. Because when you pressure yourself to do a bunch of things, inevitably you will not and then you will fall off the self-care wagon with a BIG thud! If you list one thing you can do each day in the coming week, then check it off when you do it > guess what? At the week's end, you'll be 7 steps closer to feeling better.

I was recently reading a book about one of my heroes: Mr. Rogers. He was talking about how if your vision is cloudy and you don't see how important you are, then you can't see how important others are. But first, you have to clear your vision and do your work to see you and be you. Having a simple, effective self-care practice is your best choice to seeing clearly!

Let's do it together! 1 - 2 - 3! Go!

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