Being Self-Trustworthy

Do you trust yourself or not?

Maybe you do, and if so >> YAY!

But if you're like me and many, you may find yourself struggling with self-trust.

I'm sure the vast majority of us had parents who wanted our well-being. But it's highly possible and probable we were taught NOT to trust ourselves.

It's a rare parent who encourages their child to trust themselves and who guides them in healthy ways toward that.

Most parents, unwittingly, instill fear and doubt in their children.

And that wounded child can take fear and doubt and a lack of self-trust into adulthood. Here are 3 examples you may have been taught:

1) Dreams don't come true.

2) Things won't work out for you.

3) You can't trust your own judgement or intuition.

I somehow picked these ideas up and they became part of my belief system. One of the biggest challenges I've ever faced is removing limiting beliefs - and those 3 you see above had to go!

The truth is I have met people in life who really didn't want me to trust myself. This is because trusting myself didn't get them what they wanted from me. It took me awhile to realize this, but once I did > I was on it!

I want to live with inner peace. And to have inner peace involves trusting myself. So I wanted to address the three false beliefs above in an effort to help you.

1) If you're not sure whether to trust yourself and your dreams, try it out. You can start small, if that feels better. But just risk it. Make the choice to listen to a dream you have, then try to do something about it. That's me and Beefy Parisian Pig in France because I listened to a "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" from an Artist's Way class exercise. Beefy and I made it to France because I overcame fear and listened to my heart!

2) If you've been taught to aim low, and that things just won't work out... think again. Things are always working out AND not working out > aren't they? What I'm really hoping you'll consider things can work out for your highest good... and it helps when you believe this!

I ended up in this embroidery store in Paris because I decided I wanted to. It seemed a long shot, but I had read about it via Sublime Stitching. I just decided to try, and Voila! there I was. Well, it took quite a bit more effort than that... but I did it!

3) "Who do you think you are?" You may have been told this. You can't trust yourself or your intuition... HOGWASH, says Wanda and me! I grew up not really trusting myself and it lingered into adulthood. But, when I keep being open > then memorable experiences occur. Late one day during a brief stay in Paris, I was fatigued and having difficulty getting back to the metro. That's when I saw the Louvre. I'd been told the waits to get inside were ridiculously long and it was expensive. I wandered over that way anyway. I just felt like I should.

I went up to the oddly short line and asked about the wait time and the fee to enter. A French person kindly told me in English, the line was very short and it was a free day at the museum. I got in lickety split, and even though it was a very long hike (once inside) to see Mona Lisa... I saw her! This happened only because I chose to listen to my gut.

I'm not into labels, but I definitely have a history in the "codependency" realm. Over my lifetime, I have too often trusted someone else to tell me my truth and my problems and my answers. (Of course > it is valuable to have wise guidance that will hopefully help strengthen self-trust!)

And I am the one who has to practice the practice. As I have learned to practice trusting myself >> I've learned to let go of what someone else is doing and focus on me. It is my job to take care of myself. How can I take care of myself if I don't listen to myself, respect myself and trust myself?

When we accept responsibility for meeting our own needs, then we don't have to focus on what someone else is doing or not doing for us.

You are responsible for following your dreams, for going places you want, for believing you might just get what you want. When you live this way, then you are more able to trust life. You are able to trust others... because:

Even if life and others are untrustworthy >> you trust yourself!

This belief will definitely take you new places!

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