Are you prepared?

Today is the anniversary of 9/11 and where I am in Charlotte, North Carolina a hurricane is moving towards this area of the planet. I went to the store to get a few things and found all the water was gone... although there was lots of wine!

These two events today have been an opportunity for me to pause and consider how prepared I am for life's emergencies ~ whether they are life threatening, life altering or just a big inconvenience.

One of the things I most remember from Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life," is her reminder to do your work while you feel good > because it's so much harder to do your work when you are in physical pain or impending pain.

This seems to apply to life in general = do your work while life seems kind of peachy and don't wait until there's a tragedy or emergency. It's human nature to breeze along, when all seems to be well - or kinda well. And then, BAM! something painful happens and we pray, try to play catch up on our growth work, and find water and bread. Or maybe we just go for the wine and say "What the heck, it's hopeless anyway!"

Wanda Petunia has really helped me create a life that is focused on regular self-care. From my practice, I have realized self-care is the foundation for whatever problem comes up.

You can let difficulties get you down and overwhelmed... OR you can take a big sigh and make a decision. The decision is: to use difficulty as a reminder that you will create a healthy foundation in your life and you will keep at it. This isn't easy peasy, and there is always work to do. But when storms of whatever kind come, you'll be glad you prepared. You'll be with people you can rely on and that you want to be with and you'll feel good that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

To make it easier, Wanda and I joined our minds and came up with a list to help you in your emergency preparedness. Let us know what you think, and send us any more ideas you have!

1) Commit to live in faith not fear. Decide to constantly move towards choices that are in your true highest good and not just a short term fix. Remember it's all baby stepping most of the time, with occasional leaps. Even if there's a storm coming, be determined to center, breathe, remember a happy place or experience, soak that in, and only then make a decision of your next step. >>> Unless... if where you are is on fire or you are in imminent danger. In that case, get moving!

2) Constantly sort and sift what you really need to have stability in your life. Knowing that we can be pushed and toppled over no matter how prepared we seem to be. Yet, you can be consciously creating and deciding what really sustains you in times of difficulty. Make sure you have the basics covered. When you have the basic supplies (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental) and you have your housekeeping in order, it's so much easier to move expansively and operate from a place of inner freedom.

3) Don't be long suffering. So many times I have hung in there with people and situations that I shouldn't have. I hear people every single day who wait to ask for help or wait to do something when they are in pain. Why? The quicker you address what is not working or feeling good > the faster you will shift it. I know sometimes you can wait and things will pass. But when a relationship sucks or a hurricane is coming > don't wait very long... because the longer you do >> the more drama you will be dealing with!

When I was a young mom, I would always write good-bye letters to my young sons every time I flew on a work trip. I would put the letters in their baby books for them to find if I died. I was such a young mom and really not the best equipped one. My emotional maturity sucked. Flying reminded me of my mortality, and that's when I would feel guilty of my poor choices. Then I realized that if I put extra effort into being a better mom > I would not need to feel guilty and apologize if I thought I was going to die. I wouldn't need to write letters. I started living so that if I did die, there would be no need for apologies.

I'm not perfect, and I also live more present-focused and freely now. I chose to do my work and live more freely. People say it's so hard to make change. Here's the truth: it's excruciatingly painful not to. If you use life's difficulties as a reminder to stay on task, to keep transforming all your pain and struggles now... then one day you will turn the page. Then, whatever life throws at you > you'll stand in freedom and not be swayed. I promise!

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

~ James Dean, my fellow Hoosier

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