You Can Do Magic

Here is one of the most meaningful things I've learned in my life:

I can create change.

For much of my life, I felt hope>less. I truly believed I could not find the way to make myself feel better, to create a life I enjoyed.

Then, one day I was in a yoga class. My teacher Mary Beth mentioned an idea. This idea felt like a magic formula. It was simple. It made perfect sense. It gave me hope.

Focus + Effort = Change


In the years, since I first heard this formula > I have learned it is so true. And while it may not always be easy to follow, I find it easier to make the changes I want... instead of avoiding them and dealing with disappointment and defeat. So why not try it?

I know sometimes we hear something, like the magic formula, and we still need help. In an effort to support you, I will share more of what I have learned. Because I love you, and I want to watch you create magic ;)

Effort: I am going to start with effort, because it's what I know the most about. If you know me, then you know I will get an A+++ in effort. I would never fail in the effort department. I would not even get an A- ~ ever! I love effort.

I have gone to therapy, spiritual direction, life coaching, yoga, workshops, classes ~ and I would have my homework started before I even got home. If the therapist/director/coach/teacher/guide I was working with would later ask me, "Did you do your homework?" I would laugh. "Who are you talking to?" I would reply. They would immediately remember... of course I did my homework! If, however, you struggle with effort, I will give you a few tips below. So keep reading!

Focus: This is a bigger challenge for me. I love to focus on many things. It's okay to focus on many things, but that also can leave me scattered. I actually love focusing on many things, and that has proven to leave me more scattered. I don't have to focus on less ~ no one is twisting my arm. Yet increasingly I see how valuable focusing on one or a few things creates quicker results.

Change: So do you want change? Sometimes you say you want change and yet you are not very focused, and you are not putting forth much effort. Maybe you are confused or not feeling confident. Keep reading, please!

Back to Effort: When you are putting forth effort, make sure it is on something you are truly inspired about. Of course, maybe you need to put effort into doing your laundry, cleaning your toilet, paying your taxes etc. and that may not feel inspiring. But ignoring those things won't end up feeling very inspiring either. When it comes to your dreams and hopes, consider tuning into what inspires you. Let that guide you. The effort you exert will be easier and fun when you choose an inspiring and heartfelt focus!

Back to Focus: So how do you pick a focus? You can make a list of things that you dream about and desire. You can rate them A, B and C or 1, 2 and 3. Pay attention to which dreams and desires have the most energy and excitement. If a dream is pretty large, you can look at dreams that are smaller and consider focusing on them first ~ if that feels better. Just remember if you narrow down what you are focusing on, and you are putting a good deal of effort into it > you will likely get change quicker.

Back to Change: So what is this change we are talking about? Change is your dream or desire. Sometimes when we see people have success, we believe they accomplished this easy peasy. But most of the time, it is not true. Dreams come true from continued focus and effort, focus and effort, focus and effort.

Instead of getting jealous, downtrodden, in despair, discouraged > put forth focus and effort and keep with it.

Good company always helps too. I have received so much encouragement when my focus and effort waiver. Good friends will help you stay focused. Good friends help you tune into what kind of effort you are putting in. How totally groovy is that?

I am regularly checking in to see how my focus and effort are doing. I hope you will pick a dream or desire and join me. When you follow this magic formula, you will be the best kind of magician. You will be concocting the most glorious dreams and desires of your heart and creating miracles. Poof, there will be a rabbit coming out of a hat ~ of course only if that's your dream. Or you'll be creating something else quite splendid. I can't wait to watch you!

Photos: (top to bottom)

That's me putting in effort on a walk. I wanted to get to the top of a waterfall, so I had my focus and it took effort > but I made it!

Focusing can be fun. Get out some paints and markers and doodle or draw your dreams and desires. What do you naturally start to move toward? What gives you energy? Go there!

Good company is so good! Here I am with Wanda Petunia CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) Bernice. She got up early to meet me and fix me breakfast and get me focused with her great lovingkindness!

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