Tender Mercies

Recently, I was talking with a friend about their dreams. I encouraged them to get a notebook and begin making lists of the things they wanted to focus on in life. They got the notebook and we were hanging out together... when they started making the list.

Before long, my friend was showing frustration > exactly how would their dreams be accomplished? I gave them the best piece of guidance that someone had once given me:

"List your dreams,

and don't try to figure out how they will happen."

This has been one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received. Yesterday, was one of the many examples I always get as validation.

I had recently seen people riding scooters around Charlotte. It looked fun. I thought to myself "I wonder if I could ride a scooter?" It looked fun, and I'm pretty adventurous. So I just thought that thought, then dropped it.

Within 24 hours, my friend Meredith and I were having a 'friends- get-together-business-planning-meeting.' Unexpectedly, she said, "I want to ride scooters, let's go." "What?" I asked, "You mean now?" "Yes, now!" she answered.

And so, we wrapped up our meeting > I downloaded the Lime app on my phone > we found the scooter locations > scanned in our scooters and were off!"

It was that easy.

This is not necessarily a monumental experience ~ although I must say we both had fun zipping around the neighborhood and stopping for tea and then zipping around again. I think it was such a blessing that I asked a question, "Would I be able to ride a scooter?" And, quickly I got an answer, "Yes!"

So many times in life, I have put out a desire and it gets answered. Being able to have a one month artist residency in Europe was one of the most prominent experiences where I put out the desire to visit France and write Beefy Parisian Pig's story. I received a resounding "Yes!"

But there have been so many smaller experiences that were meaningful too.

My friend, spiritual director Megan Lyon, had once given me the idea of creating a 'Tender Mercies' journal. This is even more than a gratitude journal. It is gratitude, and also a heartfelt acknowledgement of the connection between my desires and receiving the answer.

As I record entry after entry, I experience the importance of letting go of "How?" So many dreams would never be fulfilled > if we get bogged down in "How?"

Can you dream your dream and even whisper your desire and then wait? Open your palm and let the "How?" go.

Keep your palm open and wait because the "How?" is already flying toward you, closer and closer... until it lands!

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