Before you arrive...

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Sometimes we want to go somewhere, and that's it. Our desire ends with the wanting. But if there's somewhere you've always wanted to go... whether it's a better relationship, a new job, a destination... before you arrive > you need to make a plan.

Of course, this may seem like a simple idea. And it is! I love simple ideas. But this simple idea is an important idea.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

And, you have to keep doing the steps toward the thing you've never done. Rarely is any goal a one step process! This is where patience comes in ~ being patient with yourself as you take step after step to fulfill your desires :)

The bigger the thing you want to do, the more you will have to keep taking action steps to do it. Focused action!

I've gotten to be the adventure companion for so many of my friends who've taken me with them! I love traveling with my friends far and wide. Sometimes traveling is just sitting with you on the couch as you recover from an illness. Or it can be going to the faraway places you always dreamed of!

Here's my 7 step guide to going where you want to go:

1. Make a decision. Until you truly make a decision, nothing is going to happen. Whether it's healing yourself or traveling to Timbuktu... making a firm decision with feeling is the first step.

2. Begin collecting images and information. Keep images of where you want to go on your phone and desk and by your bedside. Create a Pinterest board, vision board or folder in your phone photos of where you want to go. Hold the vision of you already there in your head. If it's relevant, begin researching the costs involved and don't worry about the hows... just get the info.

3. Pick a date. It actually does not matter if you go on this date or accomplish your vision by this time. Amy planned to go to Paris two years before she actually arrived there, and she still got there at the perfect time. You can be flexible, and also you can be specific and just put something down on your calendar! As in > do this as soon as you finish reading this post. Yes, just pick the date and put it in there! You can even screen shot this and send it to me ;)

4. Make a list of what would have to happen > to go to this place on the date you set. To arrive at your desired location, what is the long list of everything you would need to do. You can list how much money you would need, along with all the other things needed. This includes packing your underwear if you need them, or maybe just a swimsuit! Remember to not let "how this will happen" get you down, just begin writing down all the things that need to occur. Add new things as you think of them!

5. Begin doing things on the list. Do anything you can. However simple it may seem, this is still progress. I love lists because you can check things off. Start checking off.

6. Check in to make sure your goal still fits your heart's desires. Sometimes you make a choice, then you don't have the motivation to do anything about it. Maybe you are just lacking confidence or hope. Maybe the timing isn't right. Maybe you have changed your mind and want to do something else. It's okay to change your mind. Don't let fear of changing your mind or not accomplishing your dreams keep you from making a decision to do something now. Say good-bye to perfectionist thoughts!

7. Do it! Eventually when you follow these steps > you will be closer > and closer and then you will > take the final step and do it! Some people, I hope not you, are afraid to fulfill their dreams. Are you worthy? Heck yeah! Are you capable? Yes again. Are you brave? YES!

You can go someplace you've never gone before. I believe in you. If you want to take me with you, I'd love that. You can take me in your imagination. You can take a picture of me in your wallet. Or you can even take plushie me along with my passport to record your journey (find all this in my store)!

When you listen to your heart and your desires, you will feel so much Love inside you >> and you will be able to share so much Love with others! Then, no matter where you go > you are a blessing to yourself and others. That's a place worth visiting!!

Photos: (top to bottom)

Me getting my wings and heading to Salt Lake City.

Me and Beefy Parisian Pig at the Champ d'Elysees.

Me with my friend Barrie Kaufman in Japan.

Me at Coney Island and Fashion Avenue, NYC.

Photo of me in the airplane throwing hearts and love everywhere is a collage created by my friend Staci Leech-Cornell.

Send me your photo of our travels together, because I love those memories - you know?!

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