The Power in Being Willing

I love to watch Amy. She does some pretty interesting things... sometimes she stands at an intersection between "Making Your Life Easier" and "Making Your Life Harder" and guess which road she takes? I know, can you believe that??

But since she and I met, and we've been able to talk about self-care and self-love > I'll have to admit that I've been a pretty good influence on her :)

She's been learning more self-care, and she's been healing and learning how to love herself. It makes my whole hog heart very happy. Recently, she came upon an old dilemma again... it's been one she's faced for much of her life.

I saw her stand at the intersection of "Feeling worthy" and "Not Feeling Worthy." She has been to this intersection many times. And, I've watched her go down the road of "Not Feeling Worthy" quite a many, many times... if you know what I mean.

It could break your heart to watch someone you love so much do this. But I didn't let it break mine. I just came with her. Not because I felt unworthy, but because I loved her... and I knew I wanted to be there when she decided to turn around.

Then, it happened. It was another one of those crossroads of "Not Feeling Worthy" and "Feeling Worthy." (They come up regularly btw) I watched her - flying around nearby like us pigs are prone to do. I flitted here, then there. I watched her. She actually cried. She started just so briefly down one road, but I already knew what road she was really going to take. I waited while the tears flowed.

And then, she backed up a little and took a step on the road of "Feeling Worthy." I was so happy. It's like when a child takes a first step. It's like you make a choice to follow what you Love and then you pick up a foot and plant it firmly and directly in the way of your dream.

After she was a little bit down the road of "Feeling Worthy," I asked her how she did it. I didn't want to inquire too soon, lest she mistakenly take that as a cue to turn around !

She looked at me, with those brown eyes I love, and she said, "I was willing! I didn't feel worthy, but I was willing to feel worthy."

Ahhhhh! I just love her. And, that ladies in gentlemen is how it's done. Sometimes we aspire to feeling worthy, to loving ourself, to being loved, to fulfilling our dreams, to aspiring to more than where we are...

And when you have no idea how to do it >>>> all you need is "Willingness" to start!

I also love you. I want you to feel worthy, to love yourself, to know the amazing being only you can be. I want you to join Amy on this path... And so, I ask: "Are you willing?"

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