Healing Childhood Trauma with Self-Care

Once upon a time, you were born. It was a pretty monumental day, in my opinion! You were born into a family, and it's possible your family had some things that weren't quite so fairytale perfect.

If your family was fairytale perfect, HIP HOG HOORAY! But for many of us, this didn't happen.

Sometimes we are even exposed to trauma ~ varying types of abuse aka intensely painful and confusing hurts and violations. Once this happens, it seems to create a door where other painful things can happen too. Sometimes there is hurt heaped on top of hurt.

The cool thing about being an adult is that you have the power NOW to do something about it. You can go to therapy > I recommend Amy of course! But you can get help many places ~ there are all kinds of people and helpful options. To start: just say, "I am willing to receive help for my healing."

You will really be healing yourself ~ but it helps to have trusty assistants. Pick someone who helps you feel safe. When you work with someone, check in and see how you feel. It's very important to feel safe, heard, supported. If you are working with someone and it doesn't feel right, either tell them or find someone else. You deserve the right help, and this process is part of trusting yourself.

Some people just think I'm a plushie. But I am really your support friend too. I love to offer comfort, helpful ideas and the reminder that you are precious. I am your self-care and self-love companion > if you want me to be. But you don't have to pick me. Just pick something, someone to support your healing journey.

I'm pretty sure that every person on this planet hurts from something. When we each tend to healing our hurts we are helping the whole planet. We are giving hope to others. We are becoming stronger so we can feel better and help others too. How cool is that?

I'm sorry you've ever been hurt. And, I'm grateful you are still here... I know that you are going to keep growing and blossoming. Make a list of ways you can care for yourself, remember you are powerful and get busy. You matter!

XOink, Wanda

Photos: (top) Me with my new friend Ducky. It's nice when someone loving takes you under their wing! (Bottom) This image always reminds me of what the feeling of being loved looks like :). You can create this feeling for yourself!

#trauma #abuse #childhood #support #therapy #growth #power #empowerment #healing #wellness #receiving #hurt

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