Healing Play

Play is so much fun! Not everyone knows the healing power of play. Do you? Play can help you feel better when you're feeling depressed, anxious, jealous, overwhelmed, lonely.

Depending on your childhood, maybe you didn't get to play freely as a child... or maybe you did. Either way, it can help to learn to play even more right now. As in, today!

What did you do for play as a child? Amy liked to climb in this tree. It's harder for her to climb now >> no, not just because she's older. The lowest limb is weaker and she would need a ladder to climb up there. Okay, and maybe she isn't quite as agile (but don't tell her I said that).

Did you like to color, play with Barbies, dance, swing on the swingset, pretend to be a teacher or a minister (yes, I know someone who even gave sermons as a child), play with Legos, or you built a fort out of sticks? Well guess what? You can do all these things now.

Or, if there's something you wanted to do as a child > but someone or something kept you from it >>> you can try that now! This really is true (:) How about playing music even if you don't know how!? Scandal alert! Do it anyway!

Play is using our imagination and the free, innocent part of yourself to be in the moment. Try playing, and let me know how it goes. Even if it's scary ~ and sometimes letting yourself be free is ~ write me and I will send you an encouraging word... or maybe even a sentence! You can also take plushie me along or draw a picture of me and stick me in your pocket!

You can be you, really you. Play is a big, fun part of you! Happy playing!

P.S. Check out my shop to find your Wanda gal pal plush pig friend, and check out the book section for "I am Wanda... I Color My World with Love" coloring book. The above page is from it. Feel free to use that page to print now and color! Or draw your own play image with a Sharpie and color it. Don't delay > PLAY!

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