The Best 3 Things Friendship Has to Offer

Hello! Amy usually writes these posts. But, I'm putting her on a play break because > boy does she need it?! She likes to work a lot, so I put my hoof down and sent her out to dance and play music and paint! And here I am >>> writing this week's blog!

I care about Amy, and thinking about her has put friendship on my mind. She and I are really good friends. She's ignored me a little over the years. But that happens. Even though I started as her imaginary friend, we've grown together and I've grown into a lot more than that. That's the miracle of what a friendship can do.

Amy needed a friend, and one day I decided to drop into her life. Thankfully, she welcomed me. Not everyone welcomes imaginary friends ~ especially when you're as old as she was ;) when I arrived!

Since I'm in charge this week, I decided to share my ideas on the 3 best things a good friendship offers! Ready?

1). The best friendships offer space for you to be you. What if love is really the way you feel when you're with someone ~ the true you who can come out in their presence? When you have a friend who truly loves you as you are, then that is the best friend indeed. Remember to give that gift to your friends also.

2). The best friendships offer trust because without trust nothing good can blossom. This is where you need to trust yourself first, and then you can choose and build healthy relationships where intimacy thrives. Mutual trust is a great gift. Honoring each other's confidences, wanting the best for each other, caring actions = trust ingredients.

3). The best friendships allow uniqueness. Every friendship I have is unique. Some friends like to talk about their favorite mud baths, other friends are travelers and we talk about adventures. Some of my friends love art, or music or dancing or sewing... its okay to have lots of friendships that connect in the unique ways only you two share.

Since I came into Amy's life and our friendship has blossomed, I have lots of friends. The 3 friends above ~ Debi, Bernice and Pat ~ are my best friends and part of The Wanda Petunia Sewing Collective. They make plush versions of me to share my Love!! Each woman embodies true friendship.

In my first adventure story, "Love Catches Up with Wanda Petunia," I made a trip around the planet to outrace the sun. I had been betrayed and was so sad and mad, but I didn't want to let the sun set on my anger. As the sun was catching up with me in France, I was tired and decided to go look for truffles. In a shop, I opened the door and there he was... Beefy Parisian Pig.

Beefy is one of my oldest best friends. That's how friendship is... proof that Love exists and it's there for you, sometimes when you need it so.

In the same way... I am here for you ~ whenever you need to know you are loved. Just write me and say, "Hey tell me something good about myself!" I will write you pronto. Because, that's what best friends do!"

XOink, Wanda Petunia

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