I See Something I Don't See...

Recently, I had a writing retreat with my friend Laurie. She's writing a book and had a deadline, so I followed her lead and worked diligently on writing "School of Wan" material.

We were working one morning in a restaurant when I remembered something Laurie had mentioned. For every x minutes you are looking at the computer, you should look x minutes at least 20 feet away. (I was so into what I was doing, I can't even remember the numbers!)

But the point was to pause from being focused on a computer or phone screen and rest the eyes by looking further away. I decided to take a pause and saw a green bicycle hanging from the restaurant ceiling by a pulley. It was their delivery bike, stored out of the way.

I love bicycles! Had I stayed locked into the computer screen, I would have missed this fun image. "I see something you don't see and the color is green," I asked Laurie. And for awhile we played this game until she guessed the bicycle.

On our morning Lyft ride, I noticed pig sculptures on the street. Once we were dropped off nearby, I took a stroll and checked out the pig mom and baby in the lovely afternoon sunshine. I love outdoor sculpture. I love pigs. This is another treasure I could have easily missed, had I been tuned into my phone (which I often am).

Right after the writer's retreat, I was focused on a pose in my yoga class. Then, as I was turning to my right > there it was... a flying pig. I was so excited, I distracted Meredith (my teacher) to mention it! Pointing my head and eyes toward the pig until she noticed me... Yep, it's true :(

It can be good to tune out sometimes. But tuning out by tuning into your phone or computer isn't such a groovy idea. Maybe you could tune into your surroundings and that could become tuning out technology. These 3 incidents reminded me to be more present in my space. It's almost as if I'm so tuned into my phone that when I do see something in my midst >> I'm like a child in a candy or toy store!! "There! There!"

Everywhere I go, men, women, children are tuned into a phone or tablet. Do you do this? I bet most of us have a short and shorter range of focus. Maybe you will join me in this new game: "I see something I don't see!" It's a fun process where you actually look around and see what's there!

Feel free to post the things you begin to see when you pull your vision away from this blog... wait, not yet! Notice something around you that is interesting, joyful, beautiful! Feel free to share what you see. I want to see it too!

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