Did you know YOU are a role model?

You may think of others this way > that someone else is a role model. But, it’s you.

Maybe you care about animals and work or volunteer to help them find homes. Or, you have inspiration and wisdom in your heart, write a book proposal, get a contract and start writing. Your job sucks the life out of you, so you create your own business that brings joy and support to yourself and others. You decide to take the plunge and go back to school to do something you long to. You become really honest that school is NOT for you and bravely quit to pursue a business dream you have. You decide to overcome your fears and create a support group that helps others feel loved and inspired. Your heart is broken so you go to yoga and end up becoming a yoga teacher. Maybe, you leave the path of what is considered > normal > proper > wise and just follow your heart.

I know so many people who inspire me and many others... and they don't even know it!

Years ago, at the sandwich shop/ice cream store near my office, I was ordering the veggie soup. A young teen said, “Can I tell you something?” “Of course,” I said, waiting for some bad news (this is how I especially used to think).

“I’m vegetarian because of you,” they beamed. Wow, that surprised me... as it seemed to come from nowhere. “Congratulations!” I replied. “How do you know I’m vegetarian,” I asked. They answered, “I watched you.” Maybe I had asked, at some point, if there was chicken stock in a soup, but that was it. They watched me and made a choice that inspired them.

I'd forgotten that experience until yesterday. At a local shop, I was getting a morning tea. The young woman behind the counter said, “I did it,” and she pointed to her nose. “I got it pierced. Last time you were here I asked you about your nose piercing and told you I really wanted one. You said, “Go for it!” So I did!” Wow! That had been a very brief exchange. Yet, it inspired her to take the leap she wanted. As she shared her piercing story with me, I could tell she was really happy about the choice.

Sometimes being ourself is a seemingly small step, and sometimes it's a big plunge. When we take these steps or plunges, we are making the way for others to do so too. How inspiring is that?!

You affect others so much and probably don’t absorb how much. When I talk about Wanda’s message:

“Loving yourself saves the planet!” > this is it!!

Honoring yourself and being who you are is your testimonial. That’s what others need more of > more you! Really you! "Free to be me" YOU! It's not egotistical or self-centered to be yourself btw. It's the purpose you are meant for. Learn how to be yourself and learn how to graciously accept that you inspire others... and instead of belittling yourself when someone praises you or thanks you... just say "Wow, thank you! I'm so glad I could help!"

YOU inspire others to take inspired action. It’s true! Don’t argue with me and say, “Not me.” YOU inspire others to take inspired action ~ which is why you must keep taking inspired action on behalf of yourself! Even when it’s so hard, scary, impossible, painful, vulnerable... do it!

I believe in you. That helps me believe in me. That helps me believe in the “We” who will keep creating and re-creating a world of inspiration and hope! WE are on it and in it together!!!

Thank you :)

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