Madly in Love with Me Day

Recently, I was searching through the list of days to celebrate people, animals, events... and I found it! February 13th >> "Madly in Love with Me" Day! Even though Wanda Petunia is all about self-care and self-love, I never knew about this day. It was like discovering a treasure.

If you are already madly in love with yourself > hip hog hooray! Whatever led you to feel this way about yourself is a blessing. I rejoice with you!!

And, as I think of my own life and the many others I know... we don't feel "madly in love with me" or at least not easily.

My critical ego mind, the fear based thought patterns that run through my head, have kept me far away from "madly in love with me." The mind has reminded me for years that I am:

* Too old to be going over the same problems,

* Too clueless to ever figure it out,

* Too pathetic to have what I deserve,

* Too confused to ever have clarity, and

* Too blah blah... (insert more negative crap here)

Yet, all the while, through all this negative conversation in my head, a little glimmer of hope flickered. The glimmer of hope was that maybe I could:

* have new and improved problems,

* figure out more and more,

* feel the goodness I have received and receive even more,

* find more clarity all the time, and

* deeply know negative thoughts are not my intended state and I could have more positive ones.

This little flicker led me to find people and places and experiences that felt better. Sometimes in my journey to feel better, there have been people (with their own struggles) who wanted me to feel bad about myself. So not only did I have my own critical voices, I had theirs too. As I kept tending to the flicker, I realized the need to distance from anyone not supporting positive thoughts. At times, this led to even more negativity... pulling away from people who want to tell you what a horrible person you are (and who they think you need to be) can be a very difficult thing.

And, I kept the flame of hope alive that I could feel better about myself and life.

As I met people who were tending to their own flickering flame, I found friends who:

* wanted me to be myself,

* encouraged my creativity and success,

* spoke positively of themselves and wanted me to speak positively of myself,

* believed we are all unique offering unique gifts, and

* were celebrating and creating a life they enjoyed.

Hip hog hooray!

Oh, then the mind would say, "Well, it took you long enough to get here!" More blah, blah, blah!

Quietly and firmly, I put up the hand for the voice to stop. "It's okay," I said to this fearful part of myself. "There's no need to worry. You are safe and I can handle this!" The critical voice sighed and sat sullenly, like a child who wanted to throw a temper tantrum but knew it was pointless!

There's been one simple thing that's helped me choose stepping more fully into self-love. It's called: being decisive. Sometimes I just have to decide I am going to love myself right now, today, this week. That doesn't mean it's a perfect love. Sometimes I decide and declare this > then 5 minutes later I am mean to myself again. So I recommit to choose ~ kind self-talk, self-compassion, healthy food, extra essential oils, hugging my plush Wanda Petunia, taking a walk, painting, calling a positive friend to talk about happy things... choosing thoughts and actions to support "I love me!"

"I am decisive!" I am decisive to declare that not only is February 13th "Madly in Love with Me" Day, but I can feel this way every day. Here's what I know: when I choose this, I feel happier, healthier and more joy. I engage the world in happier, healthier and more joyful ways. I contribute to inner peace and world peace! I made the decision, I hope you'll join me!

#love #inlove #selflove #selfcare #women #growth #hope

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