Creating Your Own Holiday Light Show

Dear Wanda,

I already feel how being around family and dealing with the stress of holidays is going to be rough. Can you help me?


Dear Frazzled,

Wherever you are is an opportunity to feel frazzled ~ or to feel better! You are worried about being around people while others may be sad about missing people. No matter what stresses you, if you are feeling frazzled you can transform that into something beautiful.

I've had lots of opportunities to feel frazzled, and trust me I have! Here's something I've learned: when I let myself feel how I feel AND I stay in touch with my values and what I want to feel > everything works out better!

This is why I love rainbows so much! There's the storm, the rain. And then, there's the sun, the light! These two together create a light show called a rainbow :)

When we let life's storms mix with the loving beings we truly are, then a rainbow will live in our heart. And how beautiful is that?!

To prepare, become clear on what you value, what you want to experience. "I want to think before I react." "I want to do loving things for myself to fill my own gas tank." "I want to be more of an observer when I'm triggered and less of a crazy person." "I want to deeply connect with what I love about holidays and cold weather." All lovely goals.

Then, make a plan to do some extra good things for yourself. Get a book or magazine you love and keep it with you during the holidays. Schedule a massage or something to care for yourself after expected challenging times. Buy yourself a yummy scarf. Volunteer somewhere that feels good to your heart! Have a "Holiday Buddy" to check in with and keep tabs on your intentions! You can even make that me: feel free to write me or keep the plush reminder of me nearby!!

When you shine your beautiful inner Light on the challenges of life, a light show will sparkle in your heart. And, you'll go from frazzled to freedom! Yee Haw Holiday happiness!!

Remember I always love you, Wanda

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