Self-Care Kit Tips

Anytime something changes in your life, you need extra self-care. Even if it's something good, you might need some extra self-TLC. And, if life feels hard, then more self-care is definitely a must!

When the weather gets colder, and the days get dark quicker and the holidays are hanging out >>> it is perfect time to up the self-care a whole HOG lot!

Before I share my go to tips, I want you to do something called: NOTICE! Notice when you're feeling kind of grumpy, anxious, jealous, sad, tired. These are all signs that it's prime time to pour on some extra self-care love.

Here are my 3 tip top tips for creating and using your self-care kit:

1) Whether you like doodling pictures, making a list with your pencil or putting it in the Notes part of your phone... Make a list of what helps you feel better. This is Numero Uno! You are different than everyone else on the planet > hip hog hooray for that! And what that means is that what you need is unique to you! Here's what's on my list this time of year:

Regular Quiet Time ~ Time with Good Friends ~ Essential Oils ~ A Yummy Scarf ~ Eating Nourishing Foods ~ Drinking Plenty of Water and Some Warm Tea ~ Reading an Inspiring Book or Magazine ~ Finding One Way to Help Others that Feels Good to Me ~ Be Outside Even if it's Cold ~ Wearing Sunglasses with a Pink or Blue Tint ~ Looking for Color on Gray Days ~ Making a List of People I Love and Calling Them on the Phone (not just texting)!!

2) Creating a structure to actually do the things listed above. Just writing them down or doodling them isn't enough. It's so easy for time to fly by and I haven't done one of them. I write them down in something called my calendar! Pigs have amazing minds ~ did you know that? Well they do! But even the best of us need to write down self-care tips AND when we are going to do them! I do this weekly!! It's on my schedule or to-do list, and I love checking them off!

3) Do the Deep Work! Sometimes something comes up and I need some extra oomph! It's important to notice when the mood goes down a lot. Did you read my story about outracing the sun so it wouldn't set on my anger? Much of the time, I'm able to work things out myself ~ even though that did take a trip around the planet! But if I'm stuck in the mud, and yes it even happens to me, I ask for help. Pick someone you trust ~ someone who will listen to you, who has similar values, and who won't just put an opinion on you like a tail on the donkey!!

Okay! I hope you like these ideas. I've been around the planet and rolling in the mud a lot >> so it makes me hog wild happy to share what has helped me with you! Remember though: Permission granted to create your own list and tune in to your own ideas!! Let me know how you care for the lovely self you are! I want to know!!

XOink, Wanda

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